Crowdfunding campaign launched for international art project coming out of Orana Region

Dubbo-based artist and producer, Kim V. Goldsmith has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support an international art project that will take her to Iceland for two months later this year.

The outcome of which will be a large-scale, immersive, digital media artwork to be exhibited in Dubbo later this year.

For the past year, Ms Goldsmith has been working on a project called Eye of the Corvus: Messengers of Truth, looking at the landscape from the perspective of birds, in particular, corvids – ravens and crows, endemic to both Australia and Iceland.

The $5,000 she hopes to raise through the Australian Cultural Fund campaign will be used to support her time spent working across rural and remote NSW and northern Iceland, shooting video with drones, virtual reality and action cameras, and field recordings – time she’s dedicating to the project away from home and her business.
As she explains, corvids are highly intelligent birds that as a species reveal some of the complexities involved in surviving in a rapidly changing world.

“Why is a species so resilient in one part of the world, and not another? This is one of the key questions I’m seeking to investigate through this project.

“In Australia, corvids are thriving and adapting; in Iceland, they’re a threatened species,” she adds. “How these birds see the world – a view we’re unfamiliar with – may shed light on our future, or at the very least spark a conversation about it.”

As part of her project research, Ms Goldsmith has been corresponding with avian experts in Australia and the United Kingdom, who have directed her reading and responded to questions about bird sensory ecology and behaviour.

“I’m using this scientific understanding of the birds to inform how I record video and sound for what will become an immersive experience of moving pictures and motion-sensored audio, taking you into the landscape from inside the eye of the bird.”

The crowdfunding campaign runs until the end of March. More information can be found at or

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