Staging Stories







Dick Carney
Ruth Carney
Michelle Hall
Alicia Leggett


In 2015 Orana Arts commenced the project Staging Stories. Funded though an initiative by Create NSW, Staging Stories worked in partnership with Playwriting Australia and Mooghalin Performing Arts to develop and provide support for Aboriginal playwrights and performers across the whole of regional NSW.


The story so far:



In 2015 Orana Arts supported six workshops in Dubbo to bring together Aboriginal people with an interest in theatre; be it storytelling, performing, writing, acting, or fun. Aboriginal theatre is rare in regional NSW and people did not really understand what or why Staging Stories was being developed. As we developed the project however, it became clear how important it is to tell Aboriginal stories from the Aboriginal perspective and that regional NSW is rich with stories lived by Aboriginal people.



Dick and Ruth Carney are working with experienced playwrights and producers to tell their story. A reading will be staged in Dubbo in November 2017. 



In 2019 Staging Stories will be performed to a wider audience.