The 180 (Creative and Social Investment) program delivers arts-led training within corrective services. Our innovative, creative model – based on national and international learnings – will expand opportunities for disenfranchised and disengaged community members to increase life skills, creative skills, and reconnect back with education and community.


Program Aims:


To support the creation of high quality art within institutional settings;


To address behaviours and provide opportunities that increase the capacity of the individual to create new life opportunities and sustainable futures through creative investment;



Incarcerated people are re-connected with culture, education and community, with their continued engagement supported appropriately — within the Centres and within community;

To engage community with CSI through collaborative arts projects — increasing awareness, understanding and support within community for those who are or have been incarcerated.

Program Teachers:

As Governor of the Macquarie Correctional Facility I have worked closely with Orana Arts to get their Creative and Social Investment program running in our facility and have seen first-hand the positive outcomes of their programs.

The program has improved the life skills, creativity and self-esteem of prisoners through music and visual arts education. In working with prisoners, the Orana Arts team have always demonstrated the utmost respect for culture and for individuals, which has meant an increase in the capacity of our prisoners to communicate, create and collaborate.

This program feeds back into the community, as Orana Arts continues to support creative and cultural ventures outside the facility — an important factor in reducing the rate of recidivism and reincarceration. Elements of the Orana Arts program directly address these issues and work with individuals to create social entrepreneurs and leaders through imparting knowledge, skills and a strong support system. Even in its early stages, Orana Arts social investment programming has shown immense promise and I look forward to its development, both within our facility and the wider community.
— Brad Peebles, Governor, Macquarie Correctional Centre, Corrective Services NSW, Department of Justice

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For more information on 180 (Creative and Social Investment) please contact: 
Michelle Hall,, 0428 101 425