Carved Up By Design is a series of workshops for people of Aboriginal heritage. Inspired by dendroglyphs (carved trees), participants create their own personal designs and apply them to surfaces and objects using various contemporary wood and craft techniques. 



Across the Region


commenced 2016


Kodi Brady
Danielle Andrews



This program is based on the understanding of the history of the carved design form and its cultural uses. The carved design represents a unique aspect of Aboriginal cultures in this region and is not widely known outside of the area. Participants gain skills in traditional carving and designing and can implement these skills in contemporary formats such as 3D printing and street art. 


The program across the region:


Over the past few years Carved Up By Design workshops have been held in Kandos, Trangie, Nyngan and Baradine.



In 2017 Carved Up By Design made its way to the Bogan Shire. Working with various techniques a group of inspiring young creators designed works reflecting their identity and connection to their home town of Nyngan. These hand drawn and carved designs were transferred to 3D printing and turned into necklaces and bag tags. As a memento to their time with the Carved Up program, a group design was selected and carved into a pole.



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