Art of the Threatened Species is a collaboration between the Office of Environment & Heritage and Orana Arts, in recognition of the Saving Our Species program. We are seeking interested artists working in any medium to engage in a self-directed residency program for the development of a public exhibition.



Locations across New South Wales


Applications close: 17 November 2017
Interviews: early December 2017
Residency: 2018, coordinated with partners


Paris Norton
Alicia Leggett
Office of Environment & Heritage


NSW has one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful natural environments, including its plants and animals. Yet despite our natural wealth, NSW has nearly 1,000 species on the verge of extinction. The Art of Our Threatened Species project looks to engage the community with threatened species in a new way, through the eyes and creativity of artists across NSW. This project will see scientists and artists working in close collaboration in a wide variety of locations on a wide variety of species across the NSW landscape.

The residency program will provide artists and science and environment professionals with time, space and resources to work – individually and/or collectively – on significant areas dictated within the Save Our Species program.

Residencies enable participants to do fieldwork and to work on site with local partners, to map out, collect, research and generate new perspectives around selected species. This kind of ‘embedded research’ will contribute to public and professional awareness and provide the means for a public outcome for future exhibition. 




Selection Criteria
The artist will be selected by representatives of Art of Threatened Species team.
Selection will be based on:
·       The artist’s willingness to engage with the community
·       The quality of their artwork
·       Their experience working with community
·       The manner in which they wish to engage with community
·       Their proposed public outcome/s 



How to Apply
Your application should consist of:
·       A current and relevant CV
·       Examples of your work. This can be via links to websites and/or files on a USB

A cover letter addressing the following:
·       The art form/s in which you propose to work
·       The proposed outcome and/or how you will present your work in public
·       Why you want to do this residency, what you expect to get out of it
·       Your experience working with community
·       How you will engage with the community, i.e.: public talks, informal talks, structured workshops, open studio, public presentation

Applications can be sent to:
Alicia Leggett
Executive Director
Orana Arts (In partnership with Office of Environment and Heritage)
PO Box 246
Wellington NSW 2820


Got a question? Call 0429 945 811.




Additional Information
The artist has full artistic direction over the work produced during the residency, and retains all copyright, and physical ownership of the work that they create during the residency. If community members create work during workshops, they retain copyright and physical ownership of their work. Copyright will be negotiated for any joint works. 

An honorarium of $1,000 will be awarded to the selected artists. The budget is final and no further funds are available at this time. AoTS team encourages artists to seek further funding to support their collaboration and AoTS team will also be applying for additional financial support for the program.