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In 2015 this project commenced its second stage with four mentor artists Jason Wing, Blak Douglas, Nicole Monks and Jonathan Jones working with a group of local emerging Aboriginal artists. Khaled Sabsabi from Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and Emily McDaniel are co-curators on this project.

The aim of LFP2 is to build the skills and confidence of local Aboriginal artists, providing them access to professional Aboriginal artists who work in a contemporary way. It’s challenging the stereotypes of Aboriginal artists and giving them the freedom to express their individuality in new mediums and different concepts.

This project has been supported by Arts NSW Regional Partnerships funding and will continue in 2016 with an exhibition at the Artlands Regional Arts Australia conference in October, followed by an exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in 2017.

View the catalogue from Wala-Gaay, the LFP2 ARTLANDS exhibition.

Image credit: Alex Wisser